Monday, June 25, 2012

New post!!! And Nutrilite!

Ok so it has been a very very long time since I have been on here! So here is some updates. The last couple months I have been going through some swing changes. So I've only played a couple events since February. Played in the US open qualifier and maybe shouldn't have played so soon. Never was fully ready to play. So that sucked.... Then played in a one day event in Dickson tn a couple weeks ago and hit it very very good but only shot 70. Which brings me to the nationwide tour qualifier I played today. Course was very very simple. And there were a lot of solid players in the field but I never expected the scores to be what they were. Shot 66 and didn't sniff the top 7. There were two 61 one 62 and the rest 63's. But on a positive note, had 8 birdies and had plenty of chances at making more. Everything is coming together and everything feels very close. Congrats to my buddy pat newcomb for making it and for a couple others I knew who made it. So now I head to fca camp with my lovely girlfriend kelsey. Who has an awesome blog you should follow. Love working with these high school students. I get to lay back and hang loose with these guys. What a great week they will have digging into the Word and growing in their relationship with Christ. Another positive, I received in the mail some samples from my Nutrilite friends to try and review. I don't know how to get the photos up on here yet. But when I do, you will see what they sent me. Until then, here is a link to their website that shows the sports drinks I'm trying. grape lemon lime and fruit punch. I will be posting reviews soon and also news on a giveaway!!!!