Monday, July 16, 2012

Nutrilite Review and Giveaway!!!!!

So recently I was sent these Nutrilite sports drinks from Kim and Gerald Hazley.  They are being very gracious to let me try out products and review them as well as promote them.  So here is my first attempt at a product review.  


First flavor to review is Fruit Punch.  I liked the taste of this flavor.  Its not an over bearing taste of fruit punch which is really good, unlike most fruit punch drinks you get.

The lemon lime flavor was my second favorite.  I had thoughts before drinking it that it was going to be similar to the Gatorade lemon lime but was pleasantly surprised it was better! I enjoyed this one.

Grape was for sure my favorite.  The flavor was very good and not too syrup tasting.

       As for all the flavors, they all tasted very good and were very enjoyable to take while working out. At first I was a little disappointed with the sugar in it but then I looked at Gatorade and Rehydrate from Advocare and saw they have the same sugar ingredients.  After realizing that, I was very pleased with the product.  It does exactly what it claims to do. I felt hydrated and had a good constant state of energy. I also really liked the clear liquid.  No artificial coloring or any of that extra stuff.  Really a good product.


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Carolina Summer Series two events

ok so last week my parents, kelsey, and I went to myrtle beach, sc.  I had two two day events that week.  It had been a while since I have played anything longer than a one day event.  The first event was monday and tuesday at rivers edge in calabash nc area.  The course was nice and in good shape and had a lot of characteristics to it.  Things were a little rough coming into it having not hit any balls for 6 days then only having a week to practice.  To say the least, nothing really felt comfortable.  But still managed to shoot 74 73 which is nothing good in the world of mini tour golf.  Missed making any money in that one by 3 strokes. Honestly it was more of my mental game that cost me then the physical game.  When it comes time to compete, the swing tends to come back to where you can at least know where its going a little bit.  So on to the last event on thursday and friday.  It was at crow creek in brunswick nc which is the course I won on last summer.  So no matter how I was hitting the ball coming into it, there was still a high level of confidence and a good supply of good memories.  Played well the first day and shot 68.  Left some really good opportunities out there to go a lot lower but that tends to happen a lot in golf.  At any rate, I was one stroke off the lead and felt really good about my chances to win or at least finish top 5.  The second day things felt ok off the start but nothing was really firing all the way.  Was a pretty boring round with 1 birdie and 2 bogeys.  Unfortunately you can't be caught slipping with the amount of good players playing in these events.  So I went from tied for second in score to missing the money by one stroke.  It's a tough road playing the mini tours but you have to be able to shoot two rounds under par or you will be going home a day earlier then everyone else.  But on the bright side, things are getting very close with the whole golf game.  The last event I only had two bogeys for two days which is a very big positive to take away from it.  I'm really starting to focus in on putting even more then before.  I believe this will catapult me to where I need to be.  Outside of the golf for the week, Kelsey and I had a blast with my parents and things are going VERY well with that.  She had an opportunity to watch me for the first time play competitive golf and even rode in the cart with me for 9 holes one day.  I love having her there.  She helps me keep a better attitude!! Thats all for now but check back in a few minutes for a product review and giveaway info!! Lata playas!!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fca camp, golf, and news on Nutrilite!

This past week was awesome! Kelsey and I were in campbellsville ky at fca leadership camp. It was great! I had a great group of high school guys. We had a great time. All the guys learned how to step it up as Christian men. Really cool to see. Had a couple rededications also! Chris morgan was our speaker and man does he do a good job. He really is an unreal speaker. Yesterday was the first day of hitting golf balls in about 6 days. Is was interesting for sure but things are looking good for next weeks tournaments in myrtle beach!!! You all be ready for the review on Nutrilite and info on a giveaway!!!!!! It's coming very very soon!!! Holla!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

New post!!! And Nutrilite!

Ok so it has been a very very long time since I have been on here! So here is some updates. The last couple months I have been going through some swing changes. So I've only played a couple events since February. Played in the US open qualifier and maybe shouldn't have played so soon. Never was fully ready to play. So that sucked.... Then played in a one day event in Dickson tn a couple weeks ago and hit it very very good but only shot 70. Which brings me to the nationwide tour qualifier I played today. Course was very very simple. And there were a lot of solid players in the field but I never expected the scores to be what they were. Shot 66 and didn't sniff the top 7. There were two 61 one 62 and the rest 63's. But on a positive note, had 8 birdies and had plenty of chances at making more. Everything is coming together and everything feels very close. Congrats to my buddy pat newcomb for making it and for a couple others I knew who made it. So now I head to fca camp with my lovely girlfriend kelsey. Who has an awesome blog you should follow. Love working with these high school students. I get to lay back and hang loose with these guys. What a great week they will have digging into the Word and growing in their relationship with Christ. Another positive, I received in the mail some samples from my Nutrilite friends to try and review. I don't know how to get the photos up on here yet. But when I do, you will see what they sent me. Until then, here is a link to their website that shows the sports drinks I'm trying. grape lemon lime and fruit punch. I will be posting reviews soon and also news on a giveaway!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Win #2

So today I won my second pro event on the hooters Carolina series. I had taken a break for a few weeks of competition to recharge my batteries and get my passion for golf back. Golf had lost it's appeal to me and I wasn't having fun. Found out it was really just my general outlook on golf as a whole. I have never really been happy playing. I looked at all my options. Should I quit. Should I just play mediocre golf and not play professional, or should I start having fun and realize why God gave me the ability to play this sport at a high level. The thought of stopping pro golf and getting a job with real money and moving on in life was an attractive option. But who am I kidding, golf is what I do. Golf isn't who I am and I realize that but golf is what I do everyday and all day. and I don't want to have a desk job or be one of those saying 'I could have played PGA tour if...'
So realizing I wasn't quitting and moving on to other things, I decided to stop pressuring myself and putting myself through unhealthy amounts of stress and frustration. Decided to trust and believe in what I'm doing ad knowing and trusting that it is what I'm supposed to do. I decided to accept my results being they may be good or bad as long as I knew that my attitude and emotions were right. I know that I will not win every event, or hit every shot perfect or good but I know I will win tournaments and have tons and tons more good shots then bad. It may not happen at the moment, but it will.
So this brings us to this weeks event. All three days I really just trusted and beliefs what I was doing and knew it would produce something good. 71 first day was amazing ball striking and not good putting. Second day started poorly with a birdie and a bogey in 5 holes. So the 6th hole the rain came down strongly and I hit my shot in the water. Dropping and putting it on the green so I had a put for bogey. They called us in for a delay. After we went back out, things just clicked. Played the last 12 holes 7 under shooting 66. Third round was a little nerves being one stroke back of lead. Played great the first nine minus a two foot birdie miss and a par on another par 5 and other blown opportunities. Back nine was better and finished with 67. On 17 I was told someone shot 63 in the first few groups to go -12. I was at -11 facing a makable chip. I lipped out the chip. 18 is a shorter par 5 so I knew birdie was possible. Hit my second shot about 20feet past the hole and three feet off the green. I have never shook before hitting a shot but for some weird reason my right arm couldn't stop shaking haha. So hit it to 4 feet and made the putt to force playoff. #10 is the playoff hole we started on. Both hit it in the fairway. Both missed the green haha. My buddy who was in the playoff with me is a great player and I knew that so I assumed he would make his difficult chip. You have to assume that in match play situations. He lipped it out and gave me an opportunity. My chip was downhill to the hole and not too difficult. Maye a 4 out of 10. Hit it and it started funneling like water in a toilet bowl. The sucker went in.
It's always great to win. But more importantly I was very happy with my mental focus and toughness leading up to the event and during. Being able to do it with the nerves just solidified that. I have learned what 'getting out of your way' really means now and am excited to see what happens from here. Thanks to all those who support me and are praying for me on this journey. God bless you guys!!!
Ps sorry for any miss spellings since I'm using my phone to do this!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Attitude follow up

Today is the second day of playing golf with my new attitude. The attitude was great but there seems to not be a correlation between good attitude and good scores but certainly there is a correlation between bad scores and bad attitudes. This is a battle, and i intend on winning it... Prov 24:16 for the righteous falls seven times and rises again,
but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So today marks an interesting day for me. Today is the day I STOP letting my anger and attitude on the golf course affect my game. It is important to not let anger and emotions rule your golf game but at the same time you still get emotional. After all we are all humans. How do you deal with it is what determines if you have a problem with it or not. As for me, I continually do not deal with the emotions in a right manor that is productive to my game. It's now time I step it up as a golfer, a Christian, and a man and stop dealing with anger on the course like a 5 year old little girl. I have had enough of getting off a golf course and being frustrated on how I carried myself as a person. For those who are reading this, pray for me and hopefully soon this 'issue' won't be a problem.