Monday, July 16, 2012

Carolina Summer Series two events

ok so last week my parents, kelsey, and I went to myrtle beach, sc.  I had two two day events that week.  It had been a while since I have played anything longer than a one day event.  The first event was monday and tuesday at rivers edge in calabash nc area.  The course was nice and in good shape and had a lot of characteristics to it.  Things were a little rough coming into it having not hit any balls for 6 days then only having a week to practice.  To say the least, nothing really felt comfortable.  But still managed to shoot 74 73 which is nothing good in the world of mini tour golf.  Missed making any money in that one by 3 strokes. Honestly it was more of my mental game that cost me then the physical game.  When it comes time to compete, the swing tends to come back to where you can at least know where its going a little bit.  So on to the last event on thursday and friday.  It was at crow creek in brunswick nc which is the course I won on last summer.  So no matter how I was hitting the ball coming into it, there was still a high level of confidence and a good supply of good memories.  Played well the first day and shot 68.  Left some really good opportunities out there to go a lot lower but that tends to happen a lot in golf.  At any rate, I was one stroke off the lead and felt really good about my chances to win or at least finish top 5.  The second day things felt ok off the start but nothing was really firing all the way.  Was a pretty boring round with 1 birdie and 2 bogeys.  Unfortunately you can't be caught slipping with the amount of good players playing in these events.  So I went from tied for second in score to missing the money by one stroke.  It's a tough road playing the mini tours but you have to be able to shoot two rounds under par or you will be going home a day earlier then everyone else.  But on the bright side, things are getting very close with the whole golf game.  The last event I only had two bogeys for two days which is a very big positive to take away from it.  I'm really starting to focus in on putting even more then before.  I believe this will catapult me to where I need to be.  Outside of the golf for the week, Kelsey and I had a blast with my parents and things are going VERY well with that.  She had an opportunity to watch me for the first time play competitive golf and even rode in the cart with me for 9 holes one day.  I love having her there.  She helps me keep a better attitude!! Thats all for now but check back in a few minutes for a product review and giveaway info!! Lata playas!!!!!

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