Monday, July 16, 2012

Nutrilite Review and Giveaway!!!!!

So recently I was sent these Nutrilite sports drinks from Kim and Gerald Hazley.  They are being very gracious to let me try out products and review them as well as promote them.  So here is my first attempt at a product review.  


First flavor to review is Fruit Punch.  I liked the taste of this flavor.  Its not an over bearing taste of fruit punch which is really good, unlike most fruit punch drinks you get.

The lemon lime flavor was my second favorite.  I had thoughts before drinking it that it was going to be similar to the Gatorade lemon lime but was pleasantly surprised it was better! I enjoyed this one.

Grape was for sure my favorite.  The flavor was very good and not too syrup tasting.

       As for all the flavors, they all tasted very good and were very enjoyable to take while working out. At first I was a little disappointed with the sugar in it but then I looked at Gatorade and Rehydrate from Advocare and saw they have the same sugar ingredients.  After realizing that, I was very pleased with the product.  It does exactly what it claims to do. I felt hydrated and had a good constant state of energy. I also really liked the clear liquid.  No artificial coloring or any of that extra stuff.  Really a good product.


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